You want to know that your investment in marketing dollars is not only utilized efficiently, but effectively. In other words, you want to know how long before your firm realizes your ROI.

Not long ago, marketing dollars were primarily used to buy advertising. This is simply no longer the case as it has been shown that advertising doesn’t perform as well as factual content. Lawyers, and the law firms and departments they populate, are text-oriented. Marketing content in the legal vertical must be intellectually sharp and immune to cross-examination.

Introducing innovative software, hardware, and consulting services to practicing attorneys can most effectively be accomplished by making a strong case for why and how the product or service can increase the firm’s bottom line: its ability to serve the firm’s clients, generate billable hours, and improve the way information is generated, processed, and disseminated.

With Proxy on your team, your firm receives:

  • Knowledge Capital.
    Our knowledge capital is Proxy’s understanding of the industry landscape from macro and micro points-of-view, informing not only the quality and precision of article pitching, but also the quality of the final content produced and pitch acceptance ratio.
  • Key Relationships.
    The value inherent in the long term relationships Proxy has developed with the media through consistent quality, reliability of deliverables, and demonstrated knowledge.
  • Custom Solutions.
    Proxy has all of the developed areas of expertise to build, develop and drive your email marketing campaigns, social media platforms, manage your CRM, produce your webinar, your B2B publications and more. We will work with your firm to find the right fit for both short and long term strategies.
  • Accountability.
    Good ideas are one thing, but results and accountability are altogether something else. Proxy works hand-in-hand with clients to envision and then translate goals into implementable strategies. These are captured in a concrete marketing roadmap which Proxy drives.

With this strategy, you will see results within 30 days of your engagement with our firm and will achieve your ROI between 90-180 days. That’s Proxy’s results-driven ambition and proven methodology.