Website improvements lead to 40% increase in users

The Challenge

In 2020, this client found that their website was not optimally set up to position themselves alongside their market competitors. Their sessions, users, pageviews, and domain authority were not on par with competitors or mirroring their own significant business growth.

Our Solution

By leveraging leading search engine marketing software, Proxy was able to increase the quality of search keywords on the website to help individual pages rank higher. We also implemented a strict regimen of optimizing meta descriptions, title tags, and alt attributes to increase the client’s website health which positively affected the client’s domain authority in Google.

To help increase traffic to the client’s website, Proxy instituted a full-funnel approach of SEO optimization to increase organic traffic along with creating multiple Google Adword campaigns designed to increase visibility in specific service areas. On top of these actions, we increased the quality and overall presence on social media, designed an email strategy that hit strategic service areas each week, and successfully pitched this client to multiple high-value legal industry publications.

The Result

By increasing the quality of keywords of the website and individual webpages, along with actively optimizing the back end of their website, Proxy successfully increased this client’s Authority score by 60% from 2020 to 2021, helping them surpass one direct competitor and put them on par with another. In this same span of time, this client saw their website users, sessions, and pageview traffic increase from the year prior by 40%. Through the first two quarters of 2022, Proxy’s continued strategy has increased their pageviews by 81%, users by 127%, and sessions by 121% versus the same period of time last year.

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