Improving newsletter analytics

The Challenge

This client produces a quarterly newsletter that is one of the company’s most popular pieces of content in terms of email open rates. However, the newsletter was provided in an e-book format that prevented analysis of individual articles to help increase a targeted understanding of content success.

Our Solution

Email marketing is a highly effective way to communicate with existing clients, and new clients, build stronger relationships and promote products or services when done right. It is a staple strategy for Proxy, and we emphasize the importance of statistics and ROI. Proxy brainstormed strategies to track the newsletter analysis. We transformed the e-book into a newsletter email campaign that included unique, trackable landing page links to each content piece.

The Result

Leveraging email marketing in a unique way, Proxy was able to design a quarterly newsletter that is accessible to all viewers allowing them to easily access our client’s high-value content and track the analytics through opens, clicks, and visits. Proxy successfully increased the average number of opens by 10.87% and clicks by 461.33%. Not only did we increase our client’s email marketing statistics entirely, but we always were able to increase the engagement of C-suite/Managing Partner contacts in our client’s database by 42.85%.

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